Diagnosed:                    September 19th, 2006-  Neuroblastoma
Age at Diagnosis:        3 1/2 Years

Justin was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma which included cancer in his
bone marrow, skull, jaw, shoulder; three ribs, hips, right leg, knee and a tumor on
this adrenal gland.  Treatment included surgery to remove his left adrenal gland, six
rounds of chemotherapy, two stem cell harvests, a bone marrow transplant, 12
rounds of radiation, and inclusion in a 6 month anti-body study.

Justin was cancer free for over 15 months and had a re-occurrence on his brain in
May 2008.  He had surgery to remove the tumor followed by radiation and
chemotherapy regiment.  Justin was enrolled in the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Center
Center 8H9/3F8 protocols in New York City and successfully finished treatment.  By
the end of June 2010, he will be completely done with all treatment.
Justin Allen Miller